Human Resources

Power Mech is a manpower oriented company and naturally its strength is derived from the work force. Even though the company has in its roll experienced Engineers, Administrators and Financial experts it is maintaining its youth and vigor. The company has separate wing for each Department both at sites and at corporate office with independent Heads. Periodical meetings of Heads with senior officers, planned visits to sites and branch offices by Directors and other officials are regular feature. A system fed HR policy takes care of the needs of the employees with focus on the welfare of the employees and their families.

PowerMech Projects Ltd as on Organization adopts friendly Policies as effective tools and ensures their consistent & fair applications. It identifies, promotes & implements best HR practices across the Organization. Powermech supports its employees through welfare, care & consideration by reaching out to people in needs.

Company Policies are designed to align individual & Organizational needs and to develop the employees through a career development system. The company strives to recruit, retain high quality people & build a ever-learning Organization with competent world class professionals. It aims for performance excellence in the competitive business world through process efficiency in Information Technology & embedding quality in all the systems.

We establish our presence amongst all major clients & also in the International market by displaying the core values of team work & synergy, strive for excellence, ethics & integrity besides the professional skills. This portfolio has established a strong service brand in the domestic & international market.

Depending on the needs of the Organization, various policies & procedures are established to take forward ‘Employees On One System’.