Mile Stones

Site: 1800 MW ALBA Line 6 Expansion, Power Station 5 CCP Project, Bahrain    

Client: Gama Power Systems Engineering & Contracting Inc


a) Block#2 COD Completed on 28th Oct 2019


Site: 1390 MW Waad Al Shamal ISCCPP, Turaif, KSA

Client: Abener Abeinsa / GE II


a) HRSG#12 Hydraulic Test Completed on 13th Oct 2019


Site: Dangote Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Project

Client: Dangote Oil Refinery Company Limited


a)  HRSG#1, 2, 3 & 5 Main Stack Erection Completed on 10th Oct 2019

Site : Unit#2 2X500 MW NNTPP Neyveli , Tamil Nadu, India.

Client : BHEL, PSSR


a)  Steam blowing completed on 26th Sep 2019


Site: Bhola Phase-II 220 MW Combined Cycle Power Project, Bhola, Bangladesh

Client: Bisho Infra Projects Limited


a)    DM Tank A&B Hydrotest completed on 20th Sep 2019.

b)    03 nos GBC skid erection completed.


 Site: Dangote Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Project, Logos, Nigeria

 Client: Dangote Oil Refinery Company Limited


a)    03 nos HRSG modules erection completed.

b)    Record time erection of 5599 MT in a single month.

c)    08 units of GT skid erection completed on 18th Sep 2019


Site: 1390 MW Waad Al Shamal ISCCPP, Turaif, KSA

Client: Abener Abeinsa


a)      HRSG # 11 Steam System Hydrotest completed on 14.09.2019

b)      HRSG # 12 LP Feed Water Hydrotest completed on 25.09.2019


Site: 1X660 MW Harduaganj STPP, Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh, India

Client: Toshiba


a)    Rotor insertion on 10th Sep 2019

Site: 1390 MW Waad Al Shamal ISCCPP, Turaif, KSA

Client: Abener Abeinsa


a)            HRSG # 11 LP Feed / CPH Hydrotest completed on 19.08.2019

b)            HRSG # 11 IP Feed Water Hydrotest completed on 20.08.2019

c)            HRSG # 11 HP Feed water Hydrotest completed on 31.08.2019



Certificate of Appreciation received from M/s Doosan for maintaining good Quality systems at 1510MW Fadhili Combined Heat & Power Project, KSA on 18th Aug 2019


Site: Barh 3X660 MW, Bihar, India

Client: Doosan


a) Boiler (Unit#1) light-up completed  on 14th Aug 2019